Keita Williams

Keita Williams

Keita Williams is a professional butt-kicker and the founder of Success Bully. This elite accountability practice helps high performing Type A’s who are stuck learning how to get out of their own way through action-based goal setting, so they stop wasting their time and talents and start taking actions to achieve the life and career they deserve.

At the end of 2016, Keita dusted off her vision board and woefully looked at the goals that she had set for herself late in 2015. It was an eye-opening experience. Most areas remained unchanged and, in some cases, there was backward momentum. She found that this was also a recurring theme among her circle of influence.

What could have been done differently? The answers were crystal clear — an actionable plan and some good old-fashioned accountability. From there, Success Bully was born. This rapidly growing practice includes four focus areas – 1:1 services, workshops/seminars, online courses, and content.

Keita has facilitated action-oriented corporate workshops for global brands like Amazon, Apptio, Facebook, O’Reilly Media, Microsoft, Meredith Corporation, and WeWork Labs. She has also shared her goal setting expertise with organizations serving women such as Ladies Get Paid, The Swing Shift, Alley to the Valley, and Women’s Business Owners to name a few.

As a coach, she has personally helped her clients achieve remarkable results including:

  • 10 profitable businesses were launched during her 90-day sprints.
  • Over $20MM in additional revenue was generated from previously unfocused founders.
  • Startup group coaching clients became cash flow positive, hired additional team members, and raised just under $1M in funding in 90 days.
  • Clients with established businesses have launched new, profitable service offerings and booked over 50 paid speaking engagements globally.

Considered a goal setting expert, she has been featured in Blavity, CNBC, Good Morning America, Parade Magazine, Self Magazine, Thrive, and Redbook Magazine.

Keita is a proud Wildcat who holds a B.S. from Northwestern University in Communication Studies. For more information, check her out on and @successbully on Instagram and Twitter, and download her weekly Success Bully podcast on Apple Podcasts.