Strong literacy skills are rooted in reading and language development and are fundamental for children to succeed in school and beyond. Positioning all children for success requires not only effective literacy interventions, but also the collaborative and coordinated effort of a diverse array of community stakeholders who work with families and communities to create rich literacy environments.

To develop a child’s reading and language skills early, it is helpful to have access to books in the home. Studies confirm that the number of books in the home directly predicts reading achievement. Yet not all children have equal access to books:

  • In middle-income neighborhoods, the ratio is 13 books per child.
  • In low-income neighborhoods, the ration is one book per 300 children.

The Junior League of Seattle is putting more books in low-income neighborhoods through our book drives and Little Free Libraries. We are also piloting story time events with Amara and Team Read to bring educational literacy events to low-income neighborhoods.