Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Community Service Award

The Junior League of Seattle created the Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Community Service Award in 1989 to recognize outstanding achievement in the area of community service. Each year, the award honors an Active or Sustaining Junior League member who has enriched the lives of her neighbors and community at large through extraordinary volunteer public service. This award is the only one that Mrs. Bullitt allowed to carry her name. To nominate a member for this year’s award, please fill out the 2020-2021 Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Community Service Award Nomination Form.


Dorothy Stimson Bullitt (February 5, 1892–June 27, 1989) was a charter member of JLS, civic leader, women’s advocate and the founder of the King Broadcasting Company. A widow at the age of 40, Mrs. Bullitt was the single mother of three children during the Great Depression. After both her father and husband passed away, she took over her family lumber and real estate business and, despite knowing little about the industry, personally restored the business to prominence. From her real estate success, Dorothy was able to purchase a television station business, all while raising her family and volunteering countless hours through the JLS and other community groups. She was a remarkable woman whose impact on our community will be felt in Seattle for many generations to come. We honor and revere her lifetime contribution to our community and dedication to JLS.

If you’d like to find out more about Dorothy Stimson Bullitt and the founding of the Junior League of Seattle, we suggest reading Dorothy Stimson Bullitt: An Uncommon Life by Delphine Haley.

Award Recipients

2021 Marlene Fallquist 2019 Maria Mackey
2018 Maureen Benoliel 2017 Janet True 2016 Jacque Doane
2015 Anne Blair 2014 Carmen Gayton 2013 Judy Holder
2012 Patty Barrier 2011 Kathy Randall 2010 Maxine Barnard*
2009 Micki Flowers  2008 Sue Mecklenburg 2007 Jennifer Dunn* & Susan Brotman
2006 Marli Iverson 2005 Mary Herche 2004 Ginger Ackerley*
2003 Cathi Hatch 2002 Dee Dickinson 2001 Anne Gould Hauberg*
2000 Ann Pigott Wyckoff 1999 Katharyn Stubbs Wright* 1998 Peggy Habegger*
1997 Anne Farrell 1996 Marilyn B. Ward* 1995 Barbara Lease Crutcher
1994 Jean B. Rolfe 1993 Kate Belcher Webster* 1992 Sue Lile Hunter
1991 Colleen Willoughby 1990 Mary Maxwell Gates* 1989 Sally Skinner Behnke*