Why Should I Join?

If you want to improve the lives of women and children in the Seattle community, train to become a better leader, and meet other compassionate, proactive women like yourself, the Junior League of Seattle is the organization for you.


The Junior League of Seattle will train you to become a more effective, organized and confident leader.

The Junior League of Seattle (JLS) offers several workshops and training events designed to help our members develop their leadership potential. Some recent trainings offered by the JLS:

  • Make the Ask: Fundraising and Procurement - Successful procurement is an art form and invaluable fundraising tool. Our training will introduce you to certain techniques which will make asking businesses and individuals for financial support much easier.
  • Sound like a Leader - A highly interactive workshop that will enhance leadership qualities and improve speaking skills.
  • Personal Finance in a Recession Economy - This training teaches JLS  members how to be financially savvy in a recession and beyond.
  • How to Run an Effective Meeting - Whether at work, on a board, or leading a JLS committee, this training gives our members the skill necessary to run efficient and effective meetings.
  • Women with Impact - A popular training that features presentations and conversations about leadership from JLS Sustainers who have gone on to run other non-profits and successful companies. A chance to hear some of JLS's most inspiring women talk about their strategies for personal success in everything they do.

The Junior League of Seattle will directly involve you in our community.

The Community Wing of the Junior League of Seattle (JLS) houses several committees who volunteer to work directly with women and children who need help in our community. Our full list of Community Wing committees and a description of the work they do is listed under the Community Impact tab on our website. A sampling of those committees:

  • Life Skills for Teens - Work with teenaged foster care girls in a series of programs designed to build self-esteem, develop mentoring relations, and lift the spirits of the teens.
  • Northwest Art - One of our oldest and most established community committees is Northwest Art, which has brought original pieces of artwork by local artists into Seattle public schools for over 50 years.

The Junior League of Seattle will introduce you to other women just like you.

  • Neighborhood Socials - Join JLS members in your neighborhood for drinks and dinner to unwind and get to know each other.
  • Fall and Spring Unit Meetings: Twice a year, the JLS hosts small neighborhood Unit Meetings for our members to gather and talk about the newest issues facing the League and hear the latest news.
  • Committee Work - The JLS knows that there is no better way to build relationships and mutual respect than to roll up our sleeves and dive into work together. Through your committee work you will collaborate with other women on how to make an impact in your community and carry out that work as a team. Meeting and working alongside other women for the benefit of our community will build relationships to last a lifetime.

If you are interested in becoming a JLS member, email the Provisional Chair at newmemberinfo@jrleagueseattle.org.