Our President's Welcome

Welcome to the Junior League of Seattle, the premier women’s leadership development organization in the greater Seattle area!

The Junior League of Seattle’s website is teeming with information about the amazing work our 92-year-old, not-for-profit, 1,300 women-strong membership does every day. Each training, community partner shift, or event is Mission Driven.

What is Mission Driven? Our mission statement is a clear call to action and motivates all Junior League of Seattle members. To briefly sum up:  Voluntarism. Development. Training. Leadership. Community. The League is here to train women and to develop their leadership skills, at every level. Not only do we empower women in the community, we empower each other and develop together to become stronger leaders. We have a long history of being driven to improve the greater Seattle community. 

Each year, members dedicate over 65,000 hours of service to the community. Each year, members work with more than 23,000 women and children to empower themselves.  Whether members are participating in leadership trainings (or leading the trainings themselves), introducing 19,000 children to art through our Northwest Art Project, extending a hand to a woman getting back on her feet at Mary’s Place, building life skills with at-risk teens at Treehouse or advocating for a cause at the state capitol, League members make a lasting impact in the community. 

I am honored to serve these powerful leaders, women who are driven to improve the community through our various projects and trainings. 

If you are interested in joining the driven women of the Junior League of Seattle, please reach out to membership@jrleagueseattle.org. If you are interested in supporting or partnering with the League, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at president@jrleagueseattle.org.  I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for visiting the Junior League of Seattle website and for your support!



Caitlin Echelbarger

President 2015-2106


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