Leadership Training

First and foremost, the Junior League of Seattle is a training organization.

We offer trainings such as how to “Make the Ask” to “Talk like a Leader." Each training gives you the tools and resources you need to be a trained, professional volunteer.

The Junior League is all about training women to be leaders in their communities, and while the organization does great work in and of itself, each placement, each ask, each position of leadership your hold is training for being an active volunteer in your community. The hope is that once members have completed several Active years, as Sustainers they will continue to be involved in the community as Board members, Presidents of organizations, and catalysts for new community projects.

The Junior League provides the tools, and this hands-on training so women know how to run nonprofit boards, Chair capital campaigns, and lead fundraising efforts for organizations in our community. That is the lasting impact of the Junior League—projects that members accomplish both as Active members, and as Sustaining members.