2019-2020 Board of Directors


President Anisa Ishida president@jrleagueseattle.org
President-Elect Kimberly French presidentelect@jrleagueseattle.org
Executive Vice President (EVP) Ashley Woller
Treasurer Lacey McLean
Secretary Sara Boren
Director at-Large (2018-2020) Maryellen Dougherty
Director at-Large (2018-2020) Lisa Hess
Director at-Large (2018-2020) Kirsten Turner
Director at-Large (2019-2021) Faith Flugel
Communications Director (2018-2020) Shelby Damiani communications@jrleagueseattle.org
Director of Administration (2018-2020) Stephanie Howe
Nominating Director Jenna Boitano
Sustainer Director Tiffany Clark
Assistant to the President Erika Nelsen
Assistant to the President Carolyn Davis


JLS Org Chart 2019-2020 (download)